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What’s the Difference Between Milk and Water Kefir Grains?

Kefir grains are a staple for people who like to create their own probiotic foods at home. There are two different main kinds which are milk and water. Kefir grains are beneficial in several ways. They are full of probiotics which are healthy microorganisms that are great for your body. The healthy bacterium your body needs to stay healthy is present in the kefir and it’s a great source that you can cook with. The grains are a balance of yeast and bacteria and not actually grains at all. They help fight cancer, boosts immunity, and helps with allergy issues.
Milk or Water Kefir Grains? The Difference
While both are excellent source of probiotics, the main difference between milk kefir grains and water kefir grains are what they are made of.
Milk kefir grains are made with milk either from a cow or a goat or any other mammal whose milk humans usually consume. Some people will use coconut milk as well. You can think of milk kefir as a yogurt like drink with the same benefits.
Water kefir grains are made with sugar water, coconut water, or a fruit juice. They are also different in taste. The milk kefir grains taste like a cultured milk, and if fermented for a while can become sour. Water kefir has more of a sweet taste and doesn’t get sour as fermentation continues, while it can still get more pungent taste if kept for very long.
You can add water kefir grains to make non-dairy milk which is great if you are lactose intolerant. The main reason people enjoy using water kefir grains is because they can make probiotic foods without using dairy. They also make a great starter when you are fermenting your vegetables.
Milk kefir grains are used to create cultured butter or kefir cream which can be used in lots of recipes.Since they have different uses, it is good to have some of both for different reasons. One isn’t better than the other and both milk and water kefir grains have the same benefits when using them.


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