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Kefir For A Kickass Colon | Kefir India
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Kefir For A Kickass Colon

Posted by kefirindia on July 18, 2015  /   Posted in fermented foods, health food, kefir, kefir and flax seed, Uncategorized

Kefir is making waves in the food market today with all the focus on super foods that are natural, nutritious and colon friendly. After plant seeds, fibers and probiotic yoghurts, kefir is the latest trick to a healthy colon. Packed with vitamins and beneficial microorganisms, kefir is being seen in a whole new light as it packs a punch with its gut healing and colon cleansing properties.

Kefir is a thick, yogurt-like cultured drink made from milk; dairy or flavored such as coconut and assorted nuts, that is fermented using kefir grains. The fermentation process gives it a complex matrix of healthy microorganism that boosts the overall health of the gastrointestinal tract as well as improves immune function. Its natural probiotic properties are significantly helpful in reestablishing healthy gut flora. Consuming kefir on a regular basis helps coat the digestive tract and intestinal lining with good mucus as it is an alkaline-forming beverage so the beneficial bacteria can incubate and further colonize. Kefir is especially beneficial for people with a history of antibiotic usage, as they tend to kill all microflora, both good and bad in the body, and causing yeast strains to take over.

Health experts say that a healthy balance of gut flora, with friendly flora making up 80% of the intestinal tract with 20% of fungal acidic microbes such as candida, help create an equilibrium which in turn causes smooth functioning and regulating of metabolism. These friendly flora produce and synthesize different hormones, vitamins and minerals, digest waste material and prevent growth of harmful pathogen thereby improving immune function. The common use of antibiotics these days causes the unfriendly microorganisms to take over and makes us more susceptible to disease and yeast infections.

Kefir is a wonderful solution to this problem, as it is a living drink, brimming with nutrition and beneficial microbes. It is composed of billions of pro-biotic organism that proliferate and promote a healthy gut within. As an enzymatically active fermented drink, kefir helps break down undigested waste material in the gastrointestinal tract; acting in a way a laxative might thus preventing constipation and encouraging regular bowel movements. The alkaline effects of kefir that create a “good mucus” interior lining of the digestive tract can be very helpful because it increases the effectiveness of probiotic supplements by creating a favorable environment for them to proliferate in.

The recommended usage of kefir is consumption on an empty stomach, first thing every morning, especially in case of a history of unhealthy digestive system. There is no downside to taking kefir; it is delicious, healthy and easy to make at home. Enriching your life with kefir is one of the best health decisions you will ever make.

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