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Detox Water – a Gift from Nature to Heal Yourself | Kefir India
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Detox Water – a Gift from Nature to Heal Yourself

Posted by kefirindia on June 08, 2015  /   Posted in detox water, fermented foods, health food, kefir, sauer kraut, water for health

There is only one real healing force and that is nature itself. Symptoms of a disease are not part of the disease itself, but rather a sign that body wants to eliminate toxins and return to its natural state of balance. Clean, pure water is a hot commodity, especially when it is used for fasting or for a water detox diet.

Many people can’t believe that more water added to the diet can have such enormous health benefits, They prefer to waste their time and money on health and diet fads that take them into a danger zone. Whether you’re trying to lose weight with detox water or you want to look and feel healthy, the best way to rid your body of harmful toxins is to drink water throughout the day. This way your body stays hydrated and all your vital organs are nourished and work smoothly and efficiently.



Give Your Immune System the Tool to Ward off Disease

The immune system is designed to ward off disease, but it needs to be given the tools to accomplish the job. Water detoxification is an ancient practice used for improved health. These days most people concerned about their health have a water filtration system added into their homes, because chlorine, fluoride and chloramine are just some of the toxic chemicals found in our water today.

Water is part of our daily lives and we can’t survive without it. Apart from it many wonderful benefits to our health, it is a natural detox tool. In fact nothing quite supports the body’s elimination capacity the way water does, and people use it to expel toxins. Most detox regimes recommend drinking purified or filtered water, rather than water from our taps or the bottled kind.

Add in Beneficial Fruits to Enhance the Taste

Drinking water by itself is excellent for flushing out toxins on a daily basis, but with a few simple ingredients, we can transform water and get even more health benefit from it. Each of the simple ingredients added will provide slightly different benefits. If you enjoy the taste of lemon water for instance, this this is a great way to drink more water and the added benefits of lemon water include vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants being added in.  Some waters contain cucumber, melon, raspberries and other ingredients that are just as healthy and beneficial.

Pure Water Imperative to Rid Body of Toxins

There is no denying that the simple solution to good health and vitality is pure water. Without a regular intake of fresh water, your body becomes dehydrated and diseases start developing, Many people resort to medications when all the body wants is pure water to rid it of toxins. Do research because there are plenty of detox programs which aren’t good for you. Once you discover a reliable detox water diet, you’ll have discovered that the body has the simple ability to heal itself with water. Water gets the body’s defense systems working to ward off diseases.

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